Mother's Day Success!

Thanks to everyone for their great suggestions for my Mother's Day idea! After a fabulous trip to the dollar store, I settled on pot holders.  Then, I decided to stamp their little hand prints (thanks to a smart reader who suggested doing that on aprons!). :) It was adorable! The kids LOVED doing this and got really creative with their cooking ideas!

All in all, the project was a HUGE success - and I couldn't be happier  What made it even better was that it was fairly low-maintenance -- and after three straight days of state testing, that's exactly what we all needed.

So here's what you do: 

Print my freebie recipe card here. {Graphics by Scrappin' Doodles!} I printed them in color because I think they look cuter that way! Then, we brainstormed cooking words and words to describe our moms/things we like our moms to do.

DISCLAIMER: And just so you know, one of my team mates was absent today... and NO sub! So I had five extra kiddos in my room today which translates to: scribbled charts! (Don't judge! I exhausted all of my cutesy energy on the actual project!)

Once I brainstormed these words, the kids got to work writing the ingredients section of their "recipe".  By the way, I had them write a rough draft/sloppy copy so the actual recipe card was neat. :)

After they wrote their ingredients, I gathered them again to review cooking action words.  We made another *beautiful* chart, brainstorming words for the directions side of the card.

We started to run out of time (as you likely can see from my scribbled box!). I literally said, "When you write the directions, you number them. You'll write, number one: blah blah blah.  Number two: blah blah blah." Quality teaching there, let me tell ya.  At least they cracked up.

I DID have a REAL sample card (made by me) that I read to them though so they did get the idea.

I had stamped their hands in the morning while they were doing The Daily Five , so the recipe was the final step.  They wrote their final drafts on the recipe cards, cut them out, glued them to construction paper, and I assembled them as they finished.

Here's what you need:

*Square pot holders (1 per student)
*1 large bottle of fabric paint per 20 students, not the puffy paint kind (My team mate and I bought 8 bottles.  We overestimated just a little bit.)
*One 10 yard roll of ribbon per 20 students
*4.5 X 6 construction paper for mounting
*REALLY pretty and neatly-made brainstorm charts like the ones shown in this post. ;) Well, I guess those are optional...

Here are some cute final products!


Final product, corner hole-punched and tied with ribbon.
I am so pleased with how these turned out.  I know I said I was a horrible crafty person before, but... could it be? Could I have actually pulled this off?

I think I did! 

Even if it was just a *smidge* crafty! ;)

Happy Mother's Day everyone!!


  1. Your blog is adorable and I love your Mother's Day gift! So cute!! :)


  2. So . . I know I'm a little behind in my blog reading but I love your Mother's Day craft . . . so simple and SUPER cute! I just might steal this one for next year! (Where did you get all the potholders??) :)

    Second Grade Math Maniac

    1. Hi Casey! I'm glad you like it!! :) I got them at the Dollar Store. They came in packs of two - so they were $.50 each!

      I hope you're doing well!!

  3. Hi! We featured your idea for hand print oven mitts on our Mommy and Me Book Club today! Thanks for the fun idea!

  4. Your project is fantastic! I just pinned it and am planning to use it this year. Thanks!!

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