Money Challenge/Extension for Advanced *FREEBIE*

Don't you just LOVE teaching money? All the clink-clanking of the coins and the repeated counting chants... Ahh, it's making me miss work! {Okay, well just a little...}

If you're anything like me, you find yourself in a pickle when teaching money because SO MANY kiddos need a ton of practice while that little pocket of advanced kids can already count money to four trillion and need no instruction. :/

Sigh... Oh, the challenges of differentiation!

This year, I made several kinds of my favorite challenge activities: the kind with only one answer at the end.

As a teacher, you can scan their SINGLE ANSWER and tell them 'yay' or 'nay'.

As a student, you're excited by a multiple step challenge.


Sometimes, you have to say something like, "Everything is correct until _____".  Which is fine, because they love working in partners or groups where they have to 'hash it out'. 

I'm working on some math activities for my TPT Shop, and was going to throw this in there. So, I thought I'd pass one of these onto all of you to try out!

But beware... It is challenging!! I hope you like! :)


  1. Oh, I LOVE this. I'm with you- money might be fun to teach if you didn't have the mix of kids who can't tell a penny apart from the other coins right there with the kids who are already making change. Thanks so much for giving us a challenge page!

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  2. Great activity for those higher kiddos! Thanks for sharing!

    Come check out my blog!
    The Teacher Wears Prada


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