Blogger Meet Up... Ah choo!!! {Insert sniffle}

I never get sick.  Ne. ver.   I'm sure you know what I mean.

After years of exposure to deadly children germs, one becomes immune in such a way that even a visit to the local influenza clinic where licking table tops is the main activity, one never becomes ill.


I did...

get sick...
... Not sick in a 'need to call in a sub' kind of way, but in a nobody was really allowed to talk or smile in my room on Monday kind of way! So sad.

Now, luckily this nasty bug waited until Sunday to appear since I attended my very first blogger meet up on Saturday!  It was wonderful!!

But I admit.

I was really nervous to meet the other bloggers!  I mean, I read their blogs and feel like I know them, but they don't know me and that translates into a bit of a stalker-esque situation.

Plus I wasn't really sure what to expect!

Would it be super-serious? With binders and microphones and a flag salute??

Or would it be wild and crazy? With everyone laughing and dancing and knowing-each-other jubilation?

Okay, I knew it wouldn't be like that.

But I was nervous nonetheless.

We met a Red Robin in So Cal, sat outside in 4,000 degree heat, and each drank about 19 iced teas.

We all wore adorable, I-could-never-make-even-if-I-did-have-a-personal-laminator name tags by Michelle from Apples and ABCs...
... and took notes on the cutest I-didn't-even-know-scrapbooking-paper-and-a-glue-gun-could-do-that note pads that Tammy from Fluttering through First Grade brought to us.

And we talked. A lot.  We also likely disturbed a couple near us who (hopefully) were on at least date six.

And even though I was one of the newbie bloggers, these fabulous ladies made me feel welcomed and wonderful.  If you don't follow them already, you should!

Dragonflies in First

Fancy Free in Fourth

Fluttering Through First Grade

Lessons with Laughter

But mostly, being around such talented, dedicated teachers was incredibly inspiring. (Not to mention reassuring considering I'm not the only one who nerds out about teaching stuff!) I am certain that knowing these ladies will make be a better blogger and an even better teacher.

And even though I almost ran over Fran from Kindergarten Crayons in the Red Robin parking lot, all in all, it was a great afternoon. (I was distracted by the balloons!)

I can't wait for the next one, when I will bring a camera I will try hard to remember to bring a camera, which I'm awful at on most occasions.

Hopefully my driving skills will not exclude me from invite.


  1. Blogger meet ups are great! A bit scary at first, but so cool to get to meet your blog colleagues.
    LOVE Red Robin,
    My Second Sense

  2. Kate, your post is so dang cute! I totally understand your nervousness…I was the same way too (I had no idea your almost run in with Fran…holy moly!) Not sure about you but after the first minute, I felt so welcomed and part of it all. However, I think you're off by just a few thousand on the number of iced teas :). Hope you're feeling better now, I had the germies last week and my voice wasn't my regular voice last Saturday. It's back now but UGH…my poor kiddos had to suffer on Monday too. Have a great rest of the week.

    Ms. Hutten’s Buttons

  3. LOL you crack me up! Tomorrow's the Ohio Blogger Meet-Up that I'm one of the coordinators for and I am SOOOOOOOOO nervous. Definitely think you helped calm my nerves but hey, still nerve wracking!! Glad you had a blast!

    Miss V's Busy Bees

  4. OMG you crack me up!
    Awesome post. I am so glad to have met you!
    ❤Dragonflies in First ❤

  5. It was so much fun to meet you even though I almost died in the parking lot (dead blogger in the middle of the road)! I am totally kidding. We had a great time and I loved meeting you! I know this blog will be a huge success. When I have to deliver CCSS to second grade I plan on coming over here to whine.

  6. I loved this blog post! I am so glad that we could meet! And you are hilarious!!


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