Cyber Monday TPT Sale & My Shopping Cart

Now that we've said our thanks and stuffed our bellies - Who's ready for the Cyber Monday sale at TPT?!? I am!

Thanks Ashley, for this wonderful graphic!!

My products are posted and my shopping list is... well full might be a bit of an understatement! (Shh! Don't tell Mr. Second Grade Sparkle!)

I do have some great new products for sale - and everything in my store is 20% off.  I'm even extending my sale until Wednesday in case you're a late bloomer like me. :)

With the TPT discount (Code CMT12) on Monday & Tuesday, that means you'll get 28% off everything in my store!

Here are some new items you might like:

Winter Main Idea Bags for Non-Fiction

You Can't Catch Me! Multicultural Gingerbread Unit plus Centers:

Walkin' in a Winter Centerland Winter Centers:

And what's on MY list?  Oh boy! Here are some products I cannot wait to snag! And I'm just getting started on my shopping. My wish list has over 150 items in it that I still need to transfer to my cart! :) Not to mention all the amazing new products that have popped up in the last few days!! 

This map skills lap book from Amber Polk is a must-have for me.  It's not the only Science/Social Studies item I'm snatching up from her, either!
I'm also relying on Hope King to save me from my graphing unit! Can't wait to try this out. :)

And I have always wanted to do a Wax Museum project! Thanks to Amanda Nickerson, I can. :)

I also found this cute lil' packet from the Innovative Teacher - I think it will help 'beef up' my science time.

And man, you gotta love Casey's math games!! I love that she put these into a take-home kit.  Brilliant!

Okay, I'm off to empty my bank account! Hope you can do the same! :)

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  1. Over 150 items in your wish list?! Holy moly!! haha I am shopping right now and trying to fill my cart up! There are just so many choices!!



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