First Day: Check! & Where I Teach Wednesday (On Monday)

I did it! I survived the first day.

And I have to confess that I think I got the jackpot class this year. Now, I haven't confirmed this with my teammates, but it's looking good.  I seriously have SUCH a sweet group! I can tell because I felt warm and fuzzy toward them even when I ran into my cuties from last year (who swarmed me on the playground like an ice cream truck on a hot summer day).  Don't you just love the first day paparazzi??

Like usual, I planned much more than was accomplished and even though I attempted to teach all my routines, I managed only about 80%.  Alas, tomorrow is another day.  Which I have yet to full plan.  Instead I've decided to post the promised pictures of my room:

My classroom window. It says, "Dig Into Second Grade".  I used adorable graphics by Scrappin' Doodles

 I really TRIED to hang these straight. I used my Hanging Hero on the right side - then had to hurry up and finish.  You can see the pathetic results.  I'm hoping once student work is up you won't notice.  I'm hoping...

Most of my walls are blank still because I'm gearing up for Back to School Night.  I'll have some great stuff posted this week!
 You can pick up these freebie schedule cards here.  
If you want me to add one, let me know!

PS: I've been using my Erin Condren planner!! It's fabulous! I love all the stickers and I've already put them on all of the month pages.  I'm going to be SO organized this year!


  1. Your room looks awesome!!

    The Hive

  2. Kate, your room looks incredible!

  3. What a colorful room :)


    The Learning Tree

  4. WOW!! Your room looks amazing. Just found your darling blog!!


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