Freebie Friday (Teacher Week 2012)

I'm not sure how it suddenly became Friday. I've spent the week setting up my classroom, which means that the 'Days of the Week' song now sounds like this:

"Today is Friday, yesterday was Monday. Tomorrow will be Monday again. Days of the weekbeforeschoolstarts."

Needless to say, I didn't post anything therapeutic.  Nor did I post pictures of my room (since it isn't finished).  But here I am today with a freebie!

This is going to be my third year using The Daily Five - and my first year making my own cute resources for it.  (Thank you, Scrappin' Doodles!)  I'm come a long way, baby, from my days of thinking italicized Bookman Old Style was a creative font.  Kevin & Amanda would recommend that I hang my head in shame.  But my growth is your gain!

Freebie #1:
These are labels (Print on Avery Shipping Labels - 5263) for your Daily Five wall or pocket chart. Stick the labels on index cards and laminate and - voila! Use them all year!  I've included 'Teacher', 'Choice', and six color groups (in case you group your kids to meet with you for a lesson or guided reading).

In the beginning of the year, I schedule my students' D5 activities so that I can meet with groups without them missing time working on one of their activities. I try to 'waterfall' the activities as best I can. (Later in the year, I use the 'Choice' card to indicate that they can work on any Daily Five per the check-in from the book.)

Freebie #2: 

This is the editable Word document that I use to plan my groups. Notice I have a whole-group reading lesson (our school does literacy seminars) and I do not have a space for Listen to Reading (we are a bit slim on the resources for that in Second). But you can adjust it to meet your needs, adding columns/rows as needed and changing the times.

*Bonus tip: If you slip this page into a sheet protector near where you post the cards, a student can be responsible for switching the cards at the end of the day! 

Hopefully these help you get organized for The Daily Five - and for your new school year!

And I'm curious... If you use The Daily Five, what tricks or adjustments have you made to make it work for your kiddos?

PS: Next week I'll have some great classroom pictures to share! Well, as long as I remember my camera.

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