Do you believe in magic?

I love a great iMovie, but sometimes the construction paper cabinet calls my name. Step aside, 21st Century Skills - this construction-paper-file-folder oldie's going to steal your students' hearts!

These report folders work for any subject! I've done book reports, science research projects, and state projects with them. And once your kiddos know how to make one, they'll be begging to do more! Upper grade kiddos, especially, can create one of these quickly without much help.  How perfect for independent work time?

Disclaimer: The students make prettier ones than I do.

 You can use a paper cutter,  but scissors work well too!


  1. What a cute project! Can you post some pics of the inside of the flaps? I love this creative! I love the title of your blog too. I came across it through the blog hop. I run my room with the same feel ;)

  2. Oh! I just love this! AND, my kids would love this!

    Seconds at the Beach

  3. Kate - how has it been going back? I love the 'magic' part of this flappy book smart!
    Hope you are well my friend.
    Teaching and Much Moore

  4. Kate! You are so creative!!! I'm sure students go crazy over these!!

  5. what a neat idea! the kids would go bonkers over the magic flap part! I want to try this and encourage them to hide a fact or write a did you know thing on that part! Thanks for a wonderful idea! :)


  6. I love the spring weather! I can take my dog for a walk everyday and not have wear multiple layers of clothes. I love the smell of spring.

  7. I love the warm weather!! and getting to do spring related science with my kiddos!!!


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